Arachne was originally the Demon lord of Love and Romance. From the waist up she was a beautiful maiden, but from the waist down she was a large spider. Later, as true romance started to fade, half of all marriages ended with divorce, and prostitution became more common, she transformed from a deity embodying love, to a monster embodying a woman's sorrow at lost love. She took it on herself to recruit a small legion of worshippers, granted them gifts, and goaded them into performing acts of terrorism against men, eventually to lead into a society of her own, wherein only women would be in charge, and men would be kept as slaves. Arachne is one of the few notable sexist figures in history. Arachne is one of the only demons that is illegal to worship.

Arachne's MinionsEdit

Arachne has no demon minions out of fear that a man would summon them and use them for his own purpose. This is stupid, as she takes no such precaution with the magical items she gives to her followers, which can work for anyone. This is because she is totally convinced that her cultists will never fail.

A cultist of Arachne (always female) starts off doing very small duties, such as scouting out abandoned buildings as future temples to Arachne, luring men into temples to Arachne, and various menial tasks. After a few months, and her loyalty is proven, she is given an Amulet of Arachne to wear at a whim. It is then that her training as a warrior of arachne begins. She is either taught the art of quadruple-wielding blades or crossbows, or is taught how to use a 2 handed sword with great ease and efficiency, as the extra pair of arms grants extra control. She is encouraged, but not required, to wear the amulet constantly, practicing using multiple arms while doing various chores around the temples.

Once an Arachne Cultist has proven her loyalty, time and time again, they are taken to a special hidden chamber, where Arachne is summoned directly to transform the cultist into an Arachnelisk. Arachnelisks, like Arachne herself, are human from the waist up, and spider from the waist down. Arachnelisks usually give their amulets to other cultists, as they no longer need their arms much. The transformation is painful and takes several days, usually filled with wild hallucinations, not neccessarilly about Arachne, though they tend to because by this time in life, an Arachne cultist has given her entire life to Arachne.

An Arachnelisk is a dangerous foe, as they are hard to kill, strong, fast, and able to shoot web from a web gland under their tongue. The part of the belly where the human meets spider is rated #6 amongst the Top 10 Scariest Things in the Second Realm.

Amulet of ArachneEdit

The Amulet of Arachne is a powerful magical artifact that grants its wearer an extra set of arms. In the case of a Squidkin, they gain an extra set of medium length tentacles. They can work with any species, sentient or not sentient, and can even give a pair of arms to a living creature that does not have arms, such as a burger.

Arachne and her Minions in H.A.MEdit

Arachne CultistEdit

Name: 5
Cost: 2
Amount: Arachnecultist
HP: 3
Attack: 3
Speed: 3
Counterattack: 1
Range: None
Special: {{{10}}}

Arachne Cultists are a great replacement for soldiers in an army. They are slightly more expensive, and you get less of them, but they can be quite devastating in melee if they get the first strike.


Name: 10
Cost: 1
HP: 3
Attack: 2
Speed: 3
Counterattack: 3
Range: Enemies it attacks cannot move
Special: {{{10}}}

Arachnelisks can be quite powerful against single units, if moved properly. They are able to gum up a whole row of units with 1 speed, and if they attack a melee card at range, are guaranteed to kill it so long as another card doesn't get in the way (or if it has any sort of special that might prevent that). They are great against all manner of slow moving melees, like Zombies, Dire Sloths, and Steamroll Manfuckers. It is best to kill them with fast moving cards, or cards with decent range.

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