Burgers are a staple source of food when domesticated and properly taken care of, but can be quite dangerous out in the wild.


At birth, a burger looks like a large, fat worm. Its meat is tender, greasy, and delicious and is used to make burger sandwhiches and other foods. They are around the size of a goat. After aging a bit, they begin to morph, gaining armor, shells, and legs, used to hunt for food and protect the nest. However, some stay grub-like forever, eventually becoming a Momma Burger, and giving birth to hundreds of baby burgers a day by mating with themselves.

Burgers in H.A.MEdit

Momma BurgerEdit

Name: Momma Burger
Cost: 10
Amount: 1
HP: 10
Attack: 2
Speed: 1
Counterattack: 0
Range: 1
Special: Summon Baby Burger (X2)

Momma Burgers are able to summon 2 baby burgers per turn, either in front of them, or in either the row above or below them. Baby burgers have 2 health, 2 attack, 4 speed, 1 counterattack, and 1 range, and are born ready. Momma Burgers are pitiful at close range, despite having 10 health. They can be killed by a single arachne cultist if it gets in front of them. You are restricted to 1 momma burger per deck.

Papa BurgerEdit

Name: Papa Burger
Cost: 10
Amount: 1
HP: 12
Attack: 3
Speed: 2
Counterattack: 3
Range: 1
Special: Knockback

Their knockback ability can be a double edged sword, because while you might be able to use it to your advantage (knockback, then move a guy in), it can allow ranged units to fight back without taking 3 damage from counterattacks. They also have fairly good health, but 2 speed, making them pretty well rounded.

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