Caretakers== The Caretakers were an interesting race. They grew to adulthood in mere seconds by absorbing sunlight, and gained inate knowledge of language and the raising of children, however they were unable to reproduce. They were created by Zorspoink in the seventh year to take care of all of the sentient races he created, which were babies at the time. They lived to be around 30 years old, by which time their "children" could take care of themselves, and raise their children too. The last Caretaker died out by the year 66.


Caretakers had no single form, and instead involuntarily shapeshifted to the form that nearby beings were most comfortable with, eventually bonding with their children and taking on a single form simultaneously.

Later impactEdit

Stories of the Caretakers were passed down for generations, eventually becoming a myth. However, nobody had ever stopped trying to find some DNA of a Caretaker, fossilized by any means so that one may be magically cloned.

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