Warning: This page contains massive spoilers for H.A.M. Please go back if you don't want them spoiled.

The DopefishEdit

Name: Dopefish
Cost: 9
Amount: 1
HP: Nine
Attack: Four
Speed: Two
Counterattack: Three
Range: Three
Special: Pierce + One

The Dopefish is a shout-out to the game Commander Keen, and never appears in the Second Realm world. It is as such non-canon. You have a 1 in 500 chance of drawing the Dopefish in place of any other card in your deck. You actually draw it instead of whatever card you were supposed to, so you have to wait for the deck to be reshulffled before you can get the card the Dopefish replaced instead. Interesting to note is that the Dopefish in-game appears as a very large mech. Also, as the Dopefish has Pierce +1, it can deal large amounts of damage against up to 3 units. At 9 health, compared to other high-end units, the Dopefish is a non-canon glass-cannon.

Circus MidgetsEdit

Hitting P in game will replace all cards in your hand with Circus Midgets. This only works against the A.I.

Exploding UnitsEdit

There is a in 50000 chance whenever you move a unit while fighting the A.I that it will explode in a bloody death. However, this easter egg was added before death effects, and as such, may be removed.

A few memesEdit

There is a 1 in 9001 chance per frame that any Dire Sloths in your hand will perform the "Deal With It" meme, having a pair of sunglasses descend upon their beastly visage. Trolls will also have a 1 in 4 chance of having the troll face on their card.

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