Hamsterkin Rocket TrooperEdit

Name: Hamsterkin Rocket Trooper
Cost: 6
Amount: 1
HP: 5
Attack: 3
Speed: 2
Counterattack: 0
Range: 3
Special: Can deploy Gyrorockets
Hamsterkin Rocket Troopers are very versatile, and can be quite powerful for their low cost. However, if any unit manages to get in front of it, the HRT will have a hard time surviving. Gyrorockets have only 1 health, speed, and range, but can explode for 3 damage to the unit in front of them, even if they didn't get the first strike, and can sidewind. Victor Riley suggests to placing your Hamsterkin Rocket Troopers in the backlines, or even in holes in your wall. Hamsterkin Rocket Troopers can be combatted by armies of ranged units divided up in several rows, by fast moving high health units, or by units with pierce.

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