Zorspoink, the Non-Euclidean Bat is the one and only god in all of the realms. He is nearly omnipotent, and able to perceive and create other spacial dimenstions.

Birth and Creation of the First 2 RealmsEdit

Before there were years, or time, Zorspoink appeared from the future (which didn't exist at the time) and created himself. As soon as he was created, he wandered about discovering his powers in a timeless span. After a (lack of a?) while, he created all of the hundreds of spacial dimensions, as well as time, in his realm. He then created a second realm with 3 spacial dimensions, as well as time.

In the first year, Zorspoink created Darkness, and saw that it was pleasant

In the second year, Zorspoink created a giant rock so he could rest his wings.

In the third year, Zorspoink created the stars, as well as magic.

In the fourth year, Zorspoink flooded the world completely, then later unflooded most of it because he was getting too wet.

In the fifth year, Zorspoink felt lonely, and created demons. He threw parties every week afterwards.

In the sixth year, Zorspoink felt like he should eat, so he created plants and animals and Goblins.

Finally, in the seventh year, Zorspoink created all of the sentient races, starting with Hamsterkin, then Humans, then others in an unknown order, then Dragonborn, then finally Batkin. He toyed with all of the races, except Batkin, whom he respected and gave his blessing. He also created the Caretakers.

Finally, in the eigth year, after creation finally ended, he went back in time and created himself.

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